An important part of the 九州体育平台 Plan, the distinctive Humanities & Arts (HUA) Requirement teaches you to transcend barriers, understand thoughts and connections, and comprehend how the history of the world matters to your present and future life. By understanding yourself and the diversity and creativity of human experience, you will be a more well-rounded scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, innovator, leader—you get the idea. 

除了为华课程和课外活动的许多选项,华要求是你的机会来拥抱艺术,戏剧,音乐,以及其他形式的创意表现。探索的复杂性,多样性和人类经验通过检查艺术/建筑,历史,语言,文学,哲学或宗教的丰富主题。还有还有,完成在通过选择校外项目中心位置的华要求的选项 全球项目计划.

No matter how you choose to explore the Humanities & Arts here at 九州体育平台, you will acquire broad-based skills that complement and enhance the technical side of your 九州体育平台 education and gain an individual perspective, one that will allow you to see the world and solve its problems through a lens that is uniquely your own.   

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九州体育平台学生在澳大利亚的项目中心做一个项目 alt


We believe that creating global change is an invaluable part of a 九州体育平台 education, which is why beginning with the Class of 2022, all students will receive a $5,000 scholarship to participate in a global experience. Take your Humanities & Arts Requirement one-step further and immerse yourself in the arts and culture of London, Germany, or Morocco—we can’t wait to see where your experience will take you.

人文与艺术在九州体育平台中的作用 - 乔治的故事


George, an Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Science major, has pursued his interest in philosophy throughout his 九州体育平台 education—from coursework to project requirements.  Applying philosophical thinking to his projects has helped him to take complex concepts and convey them in simple and consumable manners. Aside from gaining exposure to the Humanities & Arts, George believes this experience helps to make him a better global leader.

人文与艺术在九州体育平台中的作用 - 最大的故事



在九州体育平台人文和艺术的作用 - funmi的故事




人文与艺术在九州体育平台的角色 - 查理的故事



Humanities & Arts (HUA) Award

The Class of 1879 Prize is awarded by the Humanities & Arts department yearly for excellent work in the culminating project for the Humanities & Arts Requirement. These projects must demonstrate exceptional creativity and skill in conceiving, developing, and expressing a theme within any discipline in the humanities and arts. Learn more about the 2018 HUA award winners.